Rehoming orphans of the South

Dogs that need Foster home

The dogs listed below are currently in boarding and need a foster home.  Fostering helps keep the dog happy, healthy and makes it easier to find them homes.

If you are interested in fostering, please visit our and fill out the application.

Please email if you need more information about any of these dogs.



NAME: Bear
BREED: Belgian Malinois
AGE: 3-5 years old
HEALTH: Neutered, Fully vaccinated, Chipped
BEHAVIOR: House trained, loves other dogs, active, crate anxiety
This gorgeous gentle soul was rescued from Clarksville Tennessee. He has a microchip that traced back to a military vet in El Paso Texas so we think he may have belonged to a soldier stationed in southern Kentucky. He was never reclaimed and was heartworm positive. He has completed treatment and is ready for his forever home, Bear is housetrained, loves other dogs. hates to be crated, and MUST have a active owner that likes to run. Bear craves exercise and can easily run 10 miles a day if given the opportunity. We have no idea about cats.
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BREED:Treeing Walker Hound
AGE:2 years old
HEALTH:Arrived emaciated. Fully vaccinated, will be spayed and chipped once she has more weight on her
BEHAVIOR:Crate trained, loves all people, good with other dog, no to cats, needs a fenced in yard
This adorable girl was kept on a chain with very little food the first 2 years of her life and was severely emaciated when we rescued her. Whitney is very gentle and loving with people of all sizes, even young children. She loves to run and chase scents outside, yet snuggles on the couch and is perfectly behaved in a crate. Whitney likes to chase cats and other small creatures outdoors. She absolutely requires a fenced yard. She is still learning how to be an indoor dog and will have an accident so patience and consistency will be key to her training. Whitney plays very well with other dogs, unless it involves an edible treat. She quickly claims any food left behind and has been fed separately from other dogs to prevent squabbles at meal times. She is a precious and affectionate dog who loves attention, but does very well in the yard with a toy to chew on. She rides well in a car. She's a great watchdog with no aggression. She deserves a very loving home!!! Called 'the people's choice' among all coonhound breeds, the energetic Treeing Walker is perfectly suited for the task for which it was bred - tracking and treeing wild raccoons in their natural haunts. The breed's competitive spirit makes it an ideal choice for competitive coonhound events where the breed excels. The Treeing Walker Coonhound is alert, intelligent, active, courteous, and courageous with extreme endurance and the desire to perform. They are a medium energy level dog that is known to be brave, courteous, and smart.