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All Southern ROOTS Rescue dogs are based in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and live in foster homes.
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NAME: Suki
BREED: Shiba Inu mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 2 years old
HEALTH: Spayed, fully vaccinated, chipped BEHAVIOR: Very affectionate, good with other dogs, good with cats, needs fenced in yard, manner trained
My name is Suki. I think that I’m about two years old and quite healthy. My foster mommy says that I still have a lot of puppy in me. She says I look like I’m mostly Shiba Inu. I’m a lover not a fighter. I love the people I’m with, and all the affection I can get and give. I bond easily (currently with my foster mom), but I’m not above sucking up to dad for a little affection when she leaves the room. I also love it when other people come and visit – even more attention. I’m good with other dogs and have found my place in the pack quickly. It didn’t take long for me to be included in their play. My foster family also has a cat that I get along with just fine. I’m good in the crate at night, as well as when I’m left loose in the house when they go out. I don’t chew on things that aren’t toys or treats; well maybe my younger brother just a bit. My foster mom says that I will need a fenced yard because when I see fleeing critters like deer and squirrels my chase instinct kicks in and I forget where I’m going and don’t know where I’ve been. I’m good on a leash and am just now learning my name. I do know how to sit and wait to be fed; I’ll even shake your hand when you feed me because I’m very grateful to get regular meals. I’m about 90% potty trained, and will go in the fenced yard or on the leash. I only had one day left when I was rescued into my current foster home. My foster mom says that’s because there is the perfect forever home out there that needs me as much as I need them. All I know is when they find me I will love them unconditionally. Love, Suki


Hallie is located in Massachusetts
NAME: Hallie
BREED: Black Lab
AGE: 8 years old
GENDER: Female
HEALTH: Spayed, fully vaccinated, chipped
BEHAVIOR: Does okay with other dogs but would prefer to be the only dog, loves all people, couch dog
Hi I'm Hallie! I am an 8 year old female black lab mix girl. I'm very active and healthy for my age. I'm not too big, only about 50 pounds. My previous owner became ill and was no longer able to care for me. I LOVE to run in a big yard. I love my humans but am a little cautious of other dogs .I am currently in a foster home in Massachusetts with other dogs and do ok with them... however I would also love to have all of the attention to myself. I need a home with someone who is dog savvy and can help me with my ongoing training. I am looking for a laid back house where I will have people around most of the time, I want nothing more than to hang out right by your side. So what do you say? I am the girl for you?